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Jeep - Diesel Power Performance Chip Module (4wd)

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Vehicle Engine  KW Power
KW Power
NM Torque
NM Torque
Mod. Channels Installation Part Number
Cherokee XJ 2.5 2.5 TD 85 100 >15kw 300 354 >54nm Fuel Wire in-Z DP-NZW4
Cherokee KJ 2.8 2.8 CRD 130 153 >23kw 460 542 >82nm Fuel Plug In DP-FORUB
Wrangler JK 2.8 2.8 CRD 130 153 >23kw 460 542 >82nm Fuel/Boost Plug In DP-HOLUO20
Wrangler JK 2.8 2.8 CRD 147 173 >26kw 460 542 >82nm Fuel/Boost Plug In DP-HOLUO20
Commander 3.0 3.0 CRD 160 189 >29kw 500 590 >90nm Fuel/Boost Plug In DP-JEEPUMBB
Grand Cherokee (Early Mercedes Motor) 3.0 3.0 CRD 160 189 >29kw 510 599 >89nm Fuel/Boost Plug In DP-JEEPUMBB
Grand Cherokee (Late Fiat Motor) 3.0 3.0 CRD 184 217 >33kw 570 656 >86nm Fuel/Boost Plug In DP-HOLUO20

Power figures (at motor) are to be used as a guide only. Whilst care has been taken to provide an accurate figure, results may vary from vehicle to vehicle.  
Please note - for all wire-in modules, the use of HID spotlights and headlights will damage the diesel power module - refer to warranty page

DIESEL POWER Performance Chip Modules are an aftermarket performance accessory designed to allow your common rail diesel and some petrol turbo charged car, boat, truck, tractor and farm equipment motors to make more power and torque, offering increased driveability of your vehicle for a number of uses. Diesel Power Performance Chip Modules offer benefits for everyday use, towing the caravan or work trailer.

The Diesel Power Performance Chip System is easy to install in less than 15 minutes. Easy to remove or bypass for vehicle servicing. A bypass plug is included with every module to remove the module without removing the module harness if desired.


64mhz processor controlling up to 2 output channels fuelling and boost control and one input channel for fine tuning based on engine temperature on some applications. 

The Diesel Power software automatically adjusts to the vehicles load and RPM. Customers experience an increase in power (Torque and Kilowatts) while decreasing fuel consumption when driven accordingly.

User adjustable fuel control. There is no need for complicated laptop tuning, you can adjust the fuelling using the dial on the front of the module to modify for additional performance enhancements such as larger exhaust systems, to get more power or to tune more for economy depending on your application.


Every diesel engine optimisation module is made to demanding German quality
standards using German manufactured military grade electronic hardware.

TUV testing of a tuning module includes:

  • Verifying the use of quality materials in the manufacture of an automotive product.
  • Emissions standards are similar to the original manufacturers standards.
  • No danger in the fit or use of the product.
  • Verifying that stated power and economy figures are accurate and are not misleading.
  • In the case of a tuning module, TUV approval means the product complies with European legal exhaust-emissions standards.


When you purchase a Diesel Power Performance Chip Module you receive:

1 x Diesel Power Performance Chip Module
1 x Installation harness
1 x Bypass plug - Returning your vehicle to standard tuning without having to remove the harness
1 x Module Synthetic bag with velcro fitting strap
1 x Installation instructions