Diesel Power Tuning Module - Up to 25% Power Gains - Easy To Install 30 Min. - Safe Tuning
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3 Year warranty on all Diesel Power® Performance Chip Modules against workmanship and/or electronic module failure. This warranty is non-transferable, it applies only to the original purchaser.

All warranty claims must be pre-approved and returned to Diesel Power Australia with a prepaid post bag included within the package to cover the cost of return shipping. 

You should seek professional advice before installing your module.

By installing this product, the customer understands and agrees that as a performance product individual results may vary depending on vehicle mechanical condition and driving style. They must also understand that the original manufacturer makes it’s own determinations regarding add-on products to their warranties, and that this limited warranty is the only responsibility assumed by Diesel Power®, which is limited to the original purchaser of the product. The Diesel Power® product may interfere with and should be removed from the vehicle prior to any diagnostic test procedures being performed.

Diesel Power® hereby warranty’s its products against any and all defects in workmanship and materials for 3 years from the date of purchase. If Diesel Power® receives notice of claim during the warranty period, Diesel Power® Australia in consultation with Diesel Power Germany at it’s own discretion, will replace the defective part or parts without charge to the customer except shipping.

This warranty shall not apply to defects resulting from freight damage, accident, misuse, unauthorized service, modification or incorrect installation. Diesel Power® Australia retains the right to inspect the part to determine the warranty status of each claim. The maximum liability shall not exceed the purchase price.

Diesel Power® Australia makes no other warranty, whether written or oral, expressed or implied with respect to this product. This limited warranty shall not apply to the cost of labor, material or other cost in connection with the removal and/or replacement from the claimant’s vehicle and in no event will held liable for lost profits, punitive, incidental, special, or any other consequential damages, regardless of whether had notice of the potential of any loss or damage.

Diesel Power® Australia does not refund postage costs incurred for sending modules. 


You should seek professional advice before installing your module. Due to unpublished variations in vehicle models by manufacturers we advise that these modules should be fitted by an experienced and qualified professional person. We make no claims to the accuracy of ECU pin out locations supplied by Diesel Power Australia due to this.

It has come to the attention of Diesel Power Australia that vehicles fitted with aftermarket HID (High Intensity Discharge) xenon headlights or spotlights have the potential to destroy modules. We have had a number of vehicles fitted with aftermarket Chinese produced HID globes and ballasts cause irreparable damage to the Modules. Most aftermarket HID systems are not E1 certified and have a detrimental effect on the vehicles electrical system. Diesel Power Australia will not honour any warranty on vehicles fitted with aftermarket HID lighting systems.

Incorrect installation will void this warranty. We advise that voltages on the wire in harness be tested with the vehicle in the off position, ON position/motor off and in the on position with the vehicle idling prior to plugging the module in to determine correct installation.

This warranty supersedes all previously issued warranties for any and all previously purchased products.

Diesel Power® and the Diesel Power® Logo is a registered trademark in Australia.

Product Liability - What you are covered for. 

We carry the appropriate level of business product liability cover to ensure that you as our clients are fully protected in the extremely unlikely event that a product we supply causes damage to your property or yourself.

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