Diesel Power Tuning Module - Up to 25% Power Gains - Easy To Install 30 Min. - Safe Tuning
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Nathan - Toyota Hilux 3.0 D4-D

Fitted it on the weekend. Only took 20min - fairly easy. Really happy with result. Has a lot more torque and noticeable amount of boost on the boost gauge.

I have it on “A” setting happy to drive around town with that. If I was to hook the caravan up  I would probably put it on “9” setting so that its not so aggressive.

Doug - Mazda BT-50 2007
I've got more power while towing the van up the D'aguilar range. Before I had to drop back to second gear on a steep corner section, and now I can do it in third
Also noticed changing gears a lot faster as it revs through the gears quicker.

Overall, impressed with the noticeable power improvement and  that you can easily unplug the module from the loom and put the blanking plug in, returning the vehicle back to factory settings, for service.