Diesel Power Tuning Module - Up to 25% Power Gains - Easy To Install 30 Min. - Safe Tuning
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Diesel Power Modules Australia - Quality Assurance

Our chip tuning devices can be used for diesel engines and turbocharged petrol engines in cars, commercial vehicles, motorhomes and agricultural vehicles from all manufacturers.

Our certification in accordance with international road traffic legislation in line with DIN ISO 9001 guarantees consistently high quality. (Audit report and registration no.: 20 102 52001023). All devices have e1 approval and are also compatible with Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines.

The German company H. & N. Electronics GmbH is one of the world's leading manufacturers of optimisation systems for diesel and petrol engines. Our product groups DIESEL POWER and MultiMotion significantly increase the efficiency of diesel and petrol engines and deliver markedly enhanced dynamics.

Established in 1990, our company is headquartered in Isny, the central nerve centre for our development, manufacturing and sales activities. Our qualified staff and trained specialists ensure reliable and timely processing of your orders. Our products are marketed internationally through our centralised German office and branch offices in Australia and Canada. We also have distributors located around the world. The DIESELPOWER and MultiMotion names are synonymous with the best quality and customer service worldwide.


What level of quality can I expect from the Diesel Power and MultiMotion optimisation systems?

  • The Kaufmann Motorenteile AG quality management system is in line with the ISO 9000 family of standards.
  • All products have e1 certification issued by the German Federal Vehicle Registration Authority.
  • TÜV supplementary part certification in accordance with section 19 par. 3 of the StVZO (German road traffic licensing regulations) is available for almost all vehicles.
  • All components are manufactured in Germany in accordance with German quality standards.
  • Development, production and sales are all under one roof.

Function and design

The use of innovative high-performance electronics designed especially to meet the highest demands in the motor vehicle sector means that the systems from DIESEL POWER and MultiMotion are leaders in quality, safety and reliability.

No software modifications are carried out to the original factory mapping programmed into the vehicle manufacturer's engine control unit. Likewise, we also do not change any hardware components in the engine control units fitted by the vehicle manufacturer.

The highest quality digital components guarantee the optimisation of performance, torque, fuel consumption and emissions.

The software of the original engine control unit remains in place in its production version which means that the functions of this control unit also remain for the protection of the engine and other technical components.

DIESEL POWER and MultiMotion place great importance on the operational reliability and durability of the products fitted into vehicles.

TÜV supplementary part certification

Increased performance using chip tuning devices

All technical modifications to a vehicle must always be entered onto the vehicle registration documents. This is particularly the case for measures that increase performance.
The legal basis for this is set forth in the German road traffic licensing regulations (StVZO).

In order to obtain TÜV supplementary part certification the following inspections must be carried out:
  • An exhaust gas emissions measurement in accordance with EU Directive 70/220 or 715/2007/EEC
  • Vehicle noise emission measurement in accordance with EU Directive 70/157/EEC
  • Engine power measurement in accordance with EU Directive 80/1269/EEC
  • Top speed measurement in accordance with ECE Regulation no. 68